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All Rhodes West

Nov 26, 2019

Bologna, Waltman's buddies swinger experience, My Bronco, Bear camp, Waltman's second purge, the fine art of Bear hunting, Exotic meats, the Pyramid's are power generators, the surstromming can, Podesta's art, non PC views, The state of beauty standards, Sauna stories, protect the children, Waltman like his women old,...

Nov 21, 2019

Pedos, Tom Cruise Movies, Beta males, Air Planes, (Waltman actually owns an airport) Canadian Pedo ring busted, Kayne West, Illegal Immigration, Politics, Cereal games, Hong Kong, Waltman's college Experience, My Swinger Party Experience  

Nov 14, 2019

DynCorp, Epstein, John Podesta, Soul Cooking, Osama bin Laden,

Saudi Arabia's War on Witchcraft, Bacha bazi, Seat Belt Silencer, Vietnamese Black Foot Prints, ABC refuses to air Epstein story, Joe Biden, Random Rants  

Nov 5, 2019

45%of Americans believe in Ghosts, Kayne West Chick-Fil-a, Demon Core, McCain rally, Female 007, Elliot for E.T. DUI, Spanish Unrest, Forrest Gump, GTA 5, Fake E Thots, 1st All Female Space Walk, Pooping in Space, (probably bad) Stock Tips, Always Female Sanitary Napkins too exclusively Female