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All Rhodes West

Feb 21, 2020

Dumb music talk, Neil talks, Waltman, talks, Rhodes talks, blah blah, all praise Moloch, Corona Virus, Why work on content when you can have guests,THE END IS NIGH 

Feb 11, 2020

Kurt returns, Iowa Caucus, State of the Union, Rush Limbaugh, Trivia Game, Underage drinking, Extreme Recreation, Pets

Feb 4, 2020

Waltman's Hole, having bad days, Wholesome North Dakota Folks, Holocaust Survivor Diddled, Coronavirus, We are Medical Experts Didn't Ya Know? Corning, Hot Chicks ranked by Persians, Super bowl Halftime Show, We love Shakira, Fetishes, Aggressive Tickling, Past Girlfriends, Old Perverts sending Danishes, Weird Facts,...

Feb 1, 2020

Neil Returns, Kobe's Death, Wu-Han Outbreak, Repent Motherfucker, Adult Store Carjacking, Bubonic Plague, Embarrassing Confessions